I've been leaving footprints in the sand

I've been playing on the web for quite a few years.  I build web sites for fun, own a few cool domain names, use lots of different e-mail addresses, post pictures online, and write several blogs and micro-blogs now and then.

Older Home Pages

  • My first homepage was built with Adobe Pagemil (no longer available).
  • My second homepage was hand coded using the BBEdit text editor on an Apple computer.
  • This is my third homepage.  I created it and update it with the Sandvox program on an Apple computer.




I've posted a few pictures to the web over the years.
  • Rascal (rascal.cerier.com) - Our beloved kitty-cat.
  • Baxter (baxter.cerier.com) - The most beautiful, most gentle, most loveable doggy you'll ever meet.
  • Photos 2000-2003 (photos.cerier.com) - Pictures I posted on my own web site before the big third-party photo sites got popular.
  • Pictures on Me.com (me.com is owned by Apple) - Pictures I've posted on Apple's Moble Me photo sharing web site.
  • Pictures on Picasa (Picasa owned by Google) - Pictues I've posted on Google's Picasa photo sharing web site.
  • Pictures on Flickr (Flickr is owned by Yahoo) - Pictures I've posted on Yahoo's Flickr photo sharing web site.

Contact Me

You can send e-mail to:  andy.cerier@gmail.com

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